ATLAS workshops

Our ATLAS workshop series is delivered in three hour-long sessions over three weeks. By booking this free ATLAS workshop series, your class will receive five credit card-sized computer kits to keep. These kits will provide your classroom with everything you need to start programming your own satellite models with hands-on space engineering skill development.

Workshop details And breakdown

Workshop 1

Networking and space communication

Discover out-of-this-world wireless computer networks from a brand new perspective! You will login and interact with Orbiters (Raspberry Pi / Odyssey NPi), run commands to understand connected devices, transfer files, and chat with other Orbiters! The concepts learned in this Workshop will not only enable you to create and securely manage your own networks in the future, it will demystify the wireless communications that we rely on each day - on Earth, and in outer space!

Workshop 2

Electrical systems and Circuit building

In this workshop; the students will be tasked with creating the electrical systems for their satellite model. They will be taught the fundamentals of circuitry analysis, how electronic devices operate, and how to work with various electrical components such as breadboards, resistors, LEDs, photoresistors, and electric motors. These components will all be combined together along with the Raspberry Pi/Odyssey npi to create a machine which can react to the level of light in its environment.

code screen
Workshop 3

Programming and AI

In this final workshop, the students will be taught the necessary computer programming in order to program their satellite systems and machines from Workshop 2 to follow a light source. They will learn how basic Computer Science tools such as conditional programming and creating variables in memory can be used to create useful and relevant software. Students will then use these tools to code their own software in Python, which will be received and run by the satellite system in order to create the final product.

The Kits

The Atlas kits come complete with:

kits image
  • Credit card computer like the Seeed Odyssey or Raspberry Pi
  • Breadboard solderless circuit
  • Jumper Wires
  • Photoresistor
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Servo Motor
  • LEDs
  • Router